Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dentyne Campaign: "It's the Gum"

Target Audience:
Socially bold young adults. The bulls-eye age is 21.
Challenge: Re-establish Dentyne as the go-to gum by creating distinct experiences that are persuasive and relevant to the target audience.
Core Idea: Dentyne Gives You the Edge in the Mating Game.

After countless hours of generating ideas for this campaign, I finally arrived at a clear and simple solution. We tend to do all types of things such as buy nice cars or wear certain type of makeup to get the opposite sex to notice us. Ultimately, It's the Gum that drives her wild, that makes him look, and that spices things up.

Typography: Headline = Rockwell, Call to action & Tagline = Myriad Pro

Image Credits: Flickr, Getty Images &

Notes: Peppermint is known as the classic flavor. Hence the juxtaposition with the '69 classic Camaro in the first ad.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Metal Gear Solid 4 Magazine Layout

I created this 4 page double truck magazine layout for my Design for Journalists course. This is my first ever magazine layout, paying homage to my favorite videogame of all-time, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The idea for my layout was to connect it with the EGM magazine cover I created a few months ago.

Crucial to good design, white space is often overlooked. I wanted to have white space in my layout, because of its simplicity. it's clean and strong all the while engages the reader at the same time. For my color choices, I basically took the red black, gray and white from the MGS4: Guns of the Patriots logo. These colors complement each other quite nicely, and have strong associations with simplicity and strength. It was the perfect color choice to convey the tone and feel I was going for.

For my typographic choices, I used Trajan Pro for my headline because it is a very clean and elegant typeface. It is also very distinctive, so I thought it was perfect for the headline. For body copy I used ITC Medium Eras. Eras is a beautiful sans serif typeface that is unique because of its 2 degree slant. Not quite italic, but still distinctive nonetheless. I opted for a sans serif for body copy over a serif font because I wanted to give my article a modern appeal for a younger (gaming) audience. A classic serif font such as Stempel Garamond or Times New Roman would have worked, but I also wanted to contrast the body copy with the Trajan Pro I used for the title. Lastly, I used Avenir LT Std for my page numbers at the bottom. I chose a different typeface from the body copy for additional contrast. Also, Avenir is very readable at small font sizes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hell, Michigan Advertising Campaign

An assignment for my Art Direction II class, I created this multimedia advertising campaign for a small town called Hell, Michigan. The assignment was to choose a city, neighborhood or town, and create a campaign based on the UNEXPECTED. We were to find out something odd about the place, discovering random facts that may draw our target audience in. Furthermore, we were to increase brand awareness, targeting a younger market, ages 25-35 through various advertising mediums, and to entice them to check out the town for a weekend, or even potentially move to.

Before getting into the campaign, I wanted to give a peak into some of my ideation process. During this process, I pretty much go wild with thoughts and ideas. I try to put everything down that I think of so that I have a record of it all.

A moodboard is meant to inspire designs. It's apparent where some of my inspiration came from just by taking a quick glance at my moodboard.

The identity above features a devil's pitchfork creating negative space within a heart. The pitchfork spells out an "h" for hell and also spells out "m" for Michigan. Simply put, Love Hell, Michigan.

This traditional billboard is saying that you'll have a "HELLUVA GOODTIME" when you visit Hell, Michigan.

This traditional billboard is says that you'll have a "HELLUVA GETAWAY" when you visit Hell, Michigan.

This street billboard is says that you'll have a "HELLUVA RUN" when you visit Hell, Michigan. Texting "gotohell" provides additional information regarding ad.

This bus shelter is says that you'll have a "HELLUVA STORY" to tell when you visit Hell, Michigan. Texting "sureashell" provides additional information regarding ad.

This bus wrap is says that you'll have a "HELLUVA RIDE" when you visit Hell, Michigan. Texting "roadtohell" provides additional information regarding ad.

Those who texted in will receive a direct response text message detailing more specifics about the street billboard, bus shelter, and bus wrap.

This ambient media tactic will be placed on the steps leading down into city subways. Targeting couples specifically -- when you're in love, you're in heaven. And so, "THE STAIRWAY TO HELL IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK," implying that Hell, Michigan is close by.

This interactive banner works when the user rolls his mouse pointer over the ad. The word connection will begin to connect together and then take the user to the Hell, Michigan homepage. I used the word connection because we go online to connect with other people. You'll have one "HELLUVA CONNECTION" with your lover when you go to Hell, Michigan.

This is the Hell, Michigan homepage. It is my hope that through the various advertising mediums that the target audience will ultimately end up visiting the Hell, Michigan website to find out further information, and plant their trip.