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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diversity Matters Print Ad

This ad was created for the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) Graduation Ceremony Handbook to be handed out at MAIP graduation. It was concepted and designed with fellow Art Direction intern Chris Carlon while interning at Draftfcb this summer (2010).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Planet Fitness: Easy as 1 2 3

Here are two print ads that I did for a portfolio class. As the assignment called for using only typography and logo, I decided to do two print ads for Planet Fitness, an innovative health club brand in the United States. Known for their absurdly low prices, lunk alarm and their Judgement Free Zone philosophy, Planet Fitness is one of the top 500 fastest-growing private businesses in America.

I wanted to bring Planet Fitness's affordability to the forefront of my campaign. By targeting a cost-conscious consumer, Planet Fitness can benefit from many American's typical New Year's resolution to lose weight, gain muscle, and simply get in better shape. The primary target is a younger group of M/F 18-25 who aren't willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym such as LA Fitness.

The USP is Planet Fitness's 12 3 Special, which correspond with the first three month's of the year, January, February, and March. The use of a QR code is a great way to track ROI in addition to getting people's attentionin a poor economic climate.

Typography = Avenir Light, Avenir Heavy & Avenir Book

I used this particular typeface because it is an extremely clean sans-serif that has a good range of weights. And since the ads are centered on weight loss and muscle gain, Avenir's wide-variety of weights proved to be useful. The clean sans-serif also contrasts with the ads' overall textured aesthetic.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre: Delivery Unrivaled

After my professor from Portfolio class said that the idea for this particular campaign did nothing for him, I decided to get insight from another professor and also peers. My other professor thought that I should run with it. She loved the idea. And after speaking with a few of my peers, I decided that the concept of using hip-hop artists was smart for Monster Beats by Dr. Dre. And so, I felt that if executed correctly, this campaign has the potential to resonate with a particular niche group of hip-hop audiophiles.

Below is a print campaign for Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones. It utilizes three legendary hip-hop artists (Nas, Em
inem & Jay-Z) to reach out to a niche audience of hip-hop audiophiles. I used these artists in particular because they areperhaps 3 of the greatest hip-hop artists still living. Among hip-hop circles, everyone knows who they are and what they have to offer. Their delivery on the microphone is sick, and any avid hip-hop fan knows that. In the execution, I went for an urban, street vibe. The use of color was to make the reader aware of the color customization of the headphones. The copy is changed slightly for each ad, subtly mentioning a popular song of each artist.

Image Credits: Flickr &

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dentyne Campaign: "It's the Gum"

Target Audience:
Socially bold young adults. The bulls-eye age is 21.
Challenge: Re-establish Dentyne as the go-to gum by creating distinct experiences that are persuasive and relevant to the target audience.
Core Idea: Dentyne Gives You the Edge in the Mating Game.

After countless hours of generating ideas for this campaign, I finally arrived at a clear and simple solution. We tend to do all types of things such as buy nice cars or wear certain type of makeup to get the opposite sex to notice us. Ultimately, It's the Gum that drives her wild, that makes him look, and that spices things up.

Typography: Headline = Rockwell, Call to action & Tagline = Myriad Pro

Image Credits: Flickr, Getty Images &

Notes: Peppermint is known as the classic flavor. Hence the juxtaposition with the '69 classic Camaro in the first ad.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

University Posters

Below are 5 posters I designed for a weekly Free Food & Fun Fridays event at the Uni, as well as 2 poster designs for Student Activities hosted events. These posters were printed at 30"x40," mounted on foam core and displayed in the Student Center Atrium. The Free Food & Fun Fridays events were "Pink Night," "Winding Down Night," "Sports Night," "Carnival on the Boardwalk," and "Wild & Crazy Kids." And the Student Activities events were the "Finals Breakfast Bonanza," and "The New York Times Guest Lecture."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Irony, Exaggeration, Metaphor

For this Art Direction II assignment, we were to choose a brand of interest, and then create 3 separate ads. The first one dealing with irony, the second one exaggeration, and a third ad acting as a metaphor without using copy, only a visual and logo.

The brand I chose was Shure SE210 In-ear Headphones. They're
sound isolating, and so I wanted to focus on that benefit. In fact they isolate sound so well that you can virtually hear nothing at all when you put them on. Clear, crisp, quality music is the result of wearing Shure Headphones, and those are the benefits I wanted to convey in my ads.

Before jumping on the computer and executing my ads, I needed ideas. And so, I sketched quite a few thumbnails in order to get as many ideas
as possible. I found The Kickstart Catalogue from Mario Pricken's Creative Advertising, to be quite helpful in the ideation process.

I went for a minimalist approach for my irony ad. The tag-line reads, "less noise sounds better." In this case, less is more. I decided to keep the rest of the page white to heighten the impact of the tag-line, logo and call to action at the bottom. There is less noise on the page visually, and less noise in your ears with Shure Headphones.

For my exaggeration piece I had the idea of bringing dead musicians back to life. This could be expanded into a campaign potentially. I took the Apollo Theater Marquee sign and manipulated it into the Shure Theater. The headline read
s boldly, "The King of Pop Like You've Never Heard Before." Not only is it timely, but it exaggerates by bringing Michael back to life through the clarity of Shure Headphones. Listening to MJ on your Shure Headphones is equivalent to hearing him live, minus all of the noisy fans of course.

My final ad was to be metaphorical with a visual and logo only. I will let the visual speak for itself.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Temple Ad Club Open House Poster

A poster I designed for the Temple Ad Club Open House Event.

Friday, May 15, 2009

iMotivate iPhone App

This was the final project for my Advanced Special Topics for Ad Majors course in Spring '09. The final deliverables were, 1) Full color logo/branding presented professionally in Illustrator. 2)App Icon, which is the icon that appears on the iPhone screen for our app. 3)Screenshots showing our app in action. And 4)One page magazine ad created in InDesign.

I named my iPhone app, "iMotivate," because essentially the app serves as a motivational tool for whenever the user may need it. We all need a little motivation in our lives, and so the iMotivate features famous motivational quotes as well as user submitted. Motivational clips from popular movies such as Rocky VI are also utilized with the iMotivate. The logo design is meant to be the company that created the iPhone app and so I decided to brand myself. "nbk" are my initials backwards, and Vietnam is my home Country, and so I wanted to combine the two. I went through the logo design process from sketches, to pc generation and to color. For the app icon, I kept it simple, showing the silhouette
of a man raising his arms in accomplishment. The screenshots are mockups of what the interface of the iMotivate will look like. Everything on the screenshots were created from scratch aside from the iPhone itself. The magazine ad speaks for itself in that you can achieve your goals with the help of the iMotivate app.

Absolut Vodka Triplets

Art Direction I - Spring '09
The assignment was to find a single page ad in any magazine, that feels campaignable, and create/design/layout the next ad if it was part of the campaign. The top ad is the original Absolut print ad introducing mango to the collection of Absolut vodkas. Below it is a "triplet" ad I created that is intended to mirror the original in execution. I executed the triplet to the best of my abilities, and I think it turned out pretty well. I wanted to recreate the original by using the same underlying template, compositional structure and elements, including typography. However, instead of using Absolut Mango, I chose to introduce Absolut Ruby Red, featuring a delicious grapefruit as the focal point. Through careful examination, I determined that the type used for the headline is Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold, and Tw Cen MT was used for the rest of the copy.

Here are two more triplets I created of the Absolut Vodka, In an Absolut World campaign. These particular ads are different from the first ad from above. Instead of introducing a new flavor, these ads portray a fantastic/ideal world, all because of Absolut, hence, In an Absolut World. The campaign has been around for a while now, and has been successful in many different countries. I wanted to exaggerate the necessity of having Absolut Vodka, by stocking an entire refrigerator with it. The first ad is an exact triplet with the same headline, "In an Absolut World," and the second one I thought up a new headline that I thought was equally effective, "Absolutely Necessary."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scoop DeVille - "It's That Important"

Here is a logo design and 2 ads I created for my Art Direction I class in Spring '09. We worked in collaboration with an Account Planning class in the advertising department. The other class presented their creative briefs to us and in turn we had to create ads that best reflected the content of the strategy.

Our client was Scoop DeVille a local Ice-cream scoop shop in Philadelphia. We were targeting 18-24 year olds, specifically females, who enjoy eating ice-cream but are not entirely loyal to a single brand. The account planners wanted us to really emphasize Scoop DeVille as more than just a place to get ice cream, but as a place to cherish memories and create new ones with friends, family and loved ones. They wanted the advertising to have an extremely friendly, almost loving tone that reflects the atmosphere and look for Scoop DeVille.

Before I started the ad, I wanted to first create a distinct logo for Scoop DeVille. It's a fun logo, consistent with Scoop DeVille colors as well as the fun feel of the ad.

After researching the brand a bit, and visiting the scoop shop, I decided on the idea for my print ad. It revolves around the idea of a young girls scrapbook with her most cherished memories, more specifically her most important "firsts," such as first kiss or first anniversary. And then I finish it with "first taste of scoop deville." And the headline, "It's That Important," I thought really hammered home the idea of Scoop DeVille as more than just an ice-cream shop, but a place where people can cherish memories and create new experiences with loved ones. The white ad was the one I used to present to the Account Planning class, but I included the black ad in this post because I like the way it looks in web. I also created the logo in all of the ads.

As a part of the assignment we were to create complimentary ads that showed how our current ideas could be used in a campaign. I decided to make Facebook banner ads, because I thought Facebook would be the perfect medium to reach segmented users, specifically the 18-24 females.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Fiji Water - Devices

Here are 2 ads I created for my Art Direction I course in Spring '09. The assignment was to portray our brand's message using communication devices we learned in class. We were to create 2 comps, each taking a different direction.

I choose Fiji Water as my brand. My target audience was females aged 25-34. They are affluent , independent, highly educated, white-collar workers. For the first ad titled "This is..." I utilized the image/lifestyle device to associate Fiji water with extravagance and leisure. For the second ad titled "Perfect Balance" I wanted to associate Fiji water with the target's balanced lifestyle, and that Fiji water is the perfect water to compliment that lifestyle.

Image Credits:, Google Images & Flickr

New York Review of Books

This is a piece I created from scratch for my Creative Thinking course in Spring '09. This is an ad for Giant Tales (The title of the fairy-tale book my group came up with) in The New York Review of Books.

Better Vision Institute Magazine Ad

This is an ad I created for my Copywriting I course in Fall '08. I was looking to target the general public, but more specifically those aged 25-45 with good vision because these people haven't experienced what it's like to have blurry vision. The single message I wanted to convey is that it's not too late to get an eye exam.

Image Credits: Khoi Nguyen (Me)