Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dentyne Campaign: "It's the Gum"

Target Audience:
Socially bold young adults. The bulls-eye age is 21.
Challenge: Re-establish Dentyne as the go-to gum by creating distinct experiences that are persuasive and relevant to the target audience.
Core Idea: Dentyne Gives You the Edge in the Mating Game.

After countless hours of generating ideas for this campaign, I finally arrived at a clear and simple solution. We tend to do all types of things such as buy nice cars or wear certain type of makeup to get the opposite sex to notice us. Ultimately, It's the Gum that drives her wild, that makes him look, and that spices things up.

Typography: Headline = Rockwell, Call to action & Tagline = Myriad Pro

Image Credits: Flickr, Getty Images &

Notes: Peppermint is known as the classic flavor. Hence the juxtaposition with the '69 classic Camaro in the first ad.

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