Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Voss Sparkling Rain

As the final project for my Art Direction II class, we were to concept the strategy & positioning for the roll out of a new age beverage of our choice. I decided to go with a brand extension of Voss Water, an ultra-premium water in the beverage market. For the campaign, I decided to employ online media, interactive media and ambient media tactics in addition to an online presence to promote the new brand extension, Voss Sparkling Rain.

Target: 25-35, Females. Young & successful, fashionable & sophisticated. Extravagant living. New Money.
Challenge: Launch a multimedia advertising campaign for VOSS® SPARKLING RAIN, a brand extension of VOSS® WATER to inject personality and excitement into the VOSS® brand.
Single Most Important Message: VOSS® SPARKLING RAIN is not only for drinking, but its beautiful bottle serves as a decorative element to any personal space.
Tone: Excited, conversational mood to reach target at multiple touch points in and out of home. The target should feel as if their best friend is persuading them to buy the product.
Tagline: "Taste it then Decorate with New Voss Sparkling Rain"

Packaging: The VOSS® SPARKLING RAIN packaging was inspired by the fragrance industry where products are sold based on beautiful design aesthetics just as much as the scent.

The bottle in the banner ad changes color based on what color the user's mouse pointer is hovering over.

Again, the bottle in the banner ad changes color based on what color the user's mouse pointer is hovering over.

Viral video storyboard playing on the theme of decorating one's personal space with different flavors of Voss Sparkling Rain.

Here is a basic wireframe of Voss's current website. Since VOSS® SPARKLING RAIN is a brand extension of VOSS® WATER, I decided to use the current web layout for consistency.

Landing page prompts user to select a backdrop for her viewing pleasure.

For the initial launch, users will see this page after clicking a backdrop to enter the site.

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