Sunday, October 18, 2009

Temple Advertising Department Logo Design

One of the accounts I'm on as the Executive Art Director in Diamond Edge Communications, Temple University's student-run ad agency, is the Temple Advertising Department. The department came to us for a new identity design, because it has been changing from year to year with no consistency. And so, here are two of my many concepts that I designed proposed.

The first logo utilizes the hat on geometric shapes of the word AD for Advertising. The geometric shapes are clear and distinguishable, representing experimentation, while the hat represents the many hats (art director, copywriter, account manager) advertisers are sometimes required to wear in the profession.

The second logo is clean, distinguishable, with the main focus on "AD." The logotype is composed within a rectangular boundary to create a solid and a professional look. Both logos can be easily scaled without losing its effectiveness.

Either design will provide the department with a simple and strong logo that serves as a solution for an identity that will not get lost in the clutter of all of the overly complex logos out there.

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