Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not My Typical Saturday

Titled Not My Typical Saturday: A Photo Story from my Converses' Perspective, this is my first photography assignment. Taken for my design for Journalists course, I choose to photograph my Saturday, because normally, Saturday's are very uneventful for me. The decision to shoot in b&w was because as I went about my day, I noticed that I came across many strong visual representations such as temple banners in the Bell Tower shot, the H&M signage, the American flag, and that special someone's pink Converse. And so I thought the images would have more visual impact if I made everything b&w except those strong visual representations.

All in all, this project was a fun and interesting one. It made me pay closer attention to the details in my photographs as well as taught me a lot about how to edit and adjust my images. It made me get out of my comfort zone, get out there and take pictures that I normally would not take.

Here I am, early in the morning, on a Saturday, waiting patiently as the R7 train to Center City, Philadelphia approaches.

Destination, Temple University. Here's a shot of the infamous Bell Tower that I cross everyday and on this particular desolate morning. Yawn, now it's time for me to head into work at the Howard Gittis Student Center.

Alone at work, on a Saturday with nothing to do but read blogs, do homework and stare at the decorated wall in front of me. What a life.

Work's done. Just caught the Broad Street Line into City Hall. I can't help but notice a dank smell of urine and spacious skylines. Time to explore the area.

William Penn atop the City Hall Tower. It's astonishing every time I see it.

Ah, H&M, one of my favorite places to shop. Stylish and affordable and it's always got me thinking red.

The Kimmel Center, such a classy and elegant place. I've always imagined what it would be like performing in a place like this.

Feet are tired. Time to head home. Suburban seems like the closest train station. Another 15 minutes until I'm fast asleep aboard the R7 as sweet symphonies of Beethoven prove to be quite soothing.

And the best part of my day. Coming home to that 'special' someone. All you really need is love.

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