Sunday, October 18, 2009

University Posters

Below are 5 posters I designed for a weekly Free Food & Fun Fridays event at the Uni, as well as 2 poster designs for Student Activities hosted events. These posters were printed at 30"x40," mounted on foam core and displayed in the Student Center Atrium. The Free Food & Fun Fridays events were "Pink Night," "Winding Down Night," "Sports Night," "Carnival on the Boardwalk," and "Wild & Crazy Kids." And the Student Activities events were the "Finals Breakfast Bonanza," and "The New York Times Guest Lecture."

Michael Jordan Timeline Infographic

Titled Timeline of Michael Jordan: HISTORY, this is my first ever infographic. Created for my Design for Journalists class, the main idea that I had was simple. I wanted to create a time line that chronicled my favorite, and your favorite player's favorite player, Michael Jordan's career in the NBA. As a tribute to his Airness, I decided to compile a time line in a unique way that included his greatest accomplishments set parallel to a highlight 'reel' of images.

Vietnamese Student Association Logo Design

[This logo will be the official logo of the VSA starting Fall '10.] The Temple Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) decided that it needed a new identity that is simple and communicates the mission of its organization. The VSA is "dedicated to increasing cultural awareness and diversity on campus and in the community." It "hopes to provide the necessary interaction between those of different backgrounds to build cross cultural bridges and foster acceptance and awareness." As a "dynamic and open organization, VSA prides itself on its diverse and unified membership, and persistent dedication to decreasing cultural tension on campus."

Given this information coupled with my research of other VSAs in Universities across the nation, I came up with this unique logo design.

In researching, I found that a lot of VSA logos had included a visual of Vietnam from a map. People know what Vietnam looks like geographically, and so I decided I would not follow that trend. Instead, I decided to take a more modern approach in using the typeface, "Gotham Ultra" for strong impact. The logotype of "Vietnamese Student Association" uses "Gotham Thin." Between the two typefaces, there is lots of contrast. I trimmed some of the "V" and "S" to create symmetry between all three letters. Lastly, the decision to use doves, masked within "VSA," was aesthetic as well as symbolic of the VSA's mission. To "build cross-cultural bridges and foster acceptance and awarness," the doves are all connected, acting as a bridge as they fly across the logo. Symbolizing peace, and unity, the doves act as a great representation for the VSA.

Kensington Community Food Co-op Logo Design

The Kensington Community Food Co-op was looking for an identity for their new food co-op that would distinguish themselves from competitors. They are committed to healthy neighborhood living. Their mission is to provide a grocery store in the Kensington area that will provide healthy, quality food, products and services to its members and the community. They encourage each member to contribute and participate in all activities they undertake as a cooperative.

For this logo design, I first did research on trends in the industry and competitors. I realized that many trends included: fruits & vegetable visuals, produce, lots of sun, mountains and track imagery. Drop shadows and gradients were also very common among other food co-ops. All in all, the competition had one thing in common, there was too much going on, or nothing going on at all.

And so, to improve upon competitors, I began mind-mapping for ideas. A few words I came across were community, neighborhood, shared values, togetherness, and helping. Out of these, I really wanted to choose something unique for KCFC's new logo. I decided on the idea of "neighborhoods," being in Philadelphia and all.

I am always inspired by logo designs with hidden meanings, such as FedEx, Big Ten, Northwest Airlines, and Amazon logos. And so I really wanted to apply a hidden message in KCFC's new logo. Above the logotype of Kensington Community Food Co-op is a road with square blocks that represent apartment buildings. Not only does it represent neighborhoods, but it also spells out the word Co-op.

As for color selection, I chose a earthy green because I associate this color with freshness and growth. The choice of gray was because it compliments gr
een really well as a neutral color.

The typeface I chose is Bodoni. Bodoni is an elegant
modern typeface that is also a classic. I thought that the serifs looked elegant, and helps for legibility as the flat serifs help to create a straight line under the words. It's important for a new brand to have a clear and easy to read type, and Bodoni does a great job.

Whenever creating a logo, there are 5 principles that I think are important to follow:
  • Simplicity
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate
I feel that this logo design falls under those 5 principles.

Temple Advertising Department Logo Design

One of the accounts I'm on as the Executive Art Director in Diamond Edge Communications, Temple University's student-run ad agency, is the Temple Advertising Department. The department came to us for a new identity design, because it has been changing from year to year with no consistency. And so, here are two of my many concepts that I designed proposed.

The first logo utilizes the hat on geometric shapes of the word AD for Advertising. The geometric shapes are clear and distinguishable, representing experimentation, while the hat represents the many hats (art director, copywriter, account manager) advertisers are sometimes required to wear in the profession.

The second logo is clean, distinguishable, with the main focus on "AD." The logotype is composed within a rectangular boundary to create a solid and a professional look. Both logos can be easily scaled without losing its effectiveness.

Either design will provide the department with a simple and strong logo that serves as a solution for an identity that will not get lost in the clutter of all of the overly complex logos out there.